Shred Girls 8-Week Training Plan


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If you’re a beginner to intermediate level rider looking to add a bit more structure to your training, this 8-week training plan PDF is the perfect place to start.

This plan, created by Peter Glassford, cycling coach at the Consummate Athlete, is a flexible plan that incorporates skills, intensity, and volume appropriate for under-18 athletes looking to follow a plan. It’s a great way to get started with structured training without investing in technology like heart rate monitors, power or other tracking tools.

There is plenty of room for additions of races, rides, and fun within this base plan.

The plan is Heart Rate and RPE(Feeling) based: the latter concept is very important for juniors to learn and develop. Don’t worry if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, instead, focus on RPE (easy, moderate, hard, really hard, et cetera).

This plan will get you fit, but also make sure you are prepared for racing. We have included weekly/monthly notes to help guide athletes towards the preparation required to succeed in whatever discipline you’re riding. Our experience has been that much of the success at these events is due to mental toughness and really strong preparation on and off the bike.

This plan is meant to guide your weekly routine to ensure you are riding enough but also not overdoing your activity or missing key elements of development. It is meant to be flexible to include high school activity and different cycling disciplines.



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