Brand collaborations

If you’re a club, business, foundation or organization who wants to create content for girls in sport, we can help! By working with Strong Girl Publishing, you’re not only going to get fantastic, high-quality content for your brand, you’re also helping grow Strong Girl Publishing and giving our authors the opportunity to increase their earning potential as writers, while also allowing us to reach more readers. And that’s a win-win-win!

Our authors can help produce fun content like:

  • Workbooks for conferences or camps focused on goal setting
  • Anthologies focused on your sport, with help from your athletes or other pros in the sport
  • How-to guides and manuals for specific sports or topics (like sports nutrition for teens)
  • Even fun short stories focusing on your sport!

Our founder, Molly Hurford, has worked with dozens of organizations and publications over the years, creating content for women and girls in sport. She also currently writes for Truesport, creating content for youth coaches, athletic trainers, parents and athletes.

Get in touch here and let us know what you’re looking for!