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5% of net profits are donated directly to foundations + nonprofits bringing more girls into sport

Our why

Girls drop out of sport for many reasons. This leads to lowered self-esteem along with health problems that can stem from inactivity.

7 in 10 girls who quit sports during puberty said they didn’t feel like they belonged in sports, according to the survey of more than 1,000 girls ages 16 to 24.

By the age of 14, girls drop out of sports at 2x the boys’ rate. Last year, 57% of American youth ages 3-17 rode a bicycle. From ages 3-9, boys and girls ride at same rate, but at 10, there’s a significant drop off for girls.

Studies have shown that girls will embrace more traditionally “boy” activities when presented with images that show other girls engaging in them.

That’s where Strong Girl Publishing comes in.


Our goal is to create a space to young women athletes who are looking for a platform to share their voices.

Our authors are all young women athletes who have great ideas for books, planners, and other creative endeavors but need help bringing these ideas into existence. We believe they have the most authentic voices and their experiences can be infinitely valuable to young readers.

These young women are often working side jobs to keep their athletic dreams alive, or are fully focused on their athletic careers, and publishing their work provides them with another revenue stream to essentially sponsor themselves—helping to close that massive wage gap found between male and female athletes.

Founded by Molly Hurford

After authoring the popular Shred Girls series, Molly noticed that there weren’t many options available for young girls who wanted to read books that showed them athletic options that were available to them. After talking to young female athletes who wanted to share their stories, she realized there was a way to add visibility for girls in sport, while offering a path to publishing for young women with stories to tell.

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The Shred Girls Series is now part of strong girl publishing

“This feel-good sports book all about girl power emphasizes strong friendship, not making assumptions, and putting yourself out there. Lindsay’s journey in finding her own style and doing things that scare her will inspire any young reader.”

-Kristina Pino, Booklist

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Every girl deserves to see herself in sport

In publishing, there is a space in the market for smart books about girls in different facets of sport—both in terms of books where sport is the primary topic, and books where sport is simply a natural part of the narrative.

Traditional publishers still don’t see this space as one that is viable commercially.

We strongly disagree. And we’re going to prove it.