Sprinting Through Setbacks

Commonwealth Games gold medalist Micha Powell’s memoir-slash-workbook titled Sprinting Through Setbacks: An Olympian’s Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome, is coming July 1—along with an accompanying workbook!

Being the daughter of two Olympians sounds like a dream if you’re an athlete. But it comes with plenty of pressures and hurdles! And for Micha Powell, that’s just part of life.

Micha is a world-class Canadian Olympic sprinter specializing in the 400-meter. She’s a 2022 Commonwealth Games gold medalist. Track is a part of her DNA.

Sprinting Through Setbacks looks back at pivotal races in Micha’s career so far and the lessons learned from each. Each chapter has a workbook section, so readers can take the journey alongside Micha.

From finding balance, owning your personal style, battling imposter syndrome, stepping into your spotlight, and finding the courage to embrace an Olympic mindset, there’s a lot to learn, whether you’re a runner, a student, an office worker. If you’re chasing a big dream, this book is for you.


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“I’m thrilled to share my story about how I accomplished my goals while overcoming setbacks and self-doubt as an Olympic athlete,” says Micha. “I want people to take away from this book that it’s not a linear path to success and embrace the imperfect journey to triumph and use that resilience to accomplish their big goals in life.” 

The collection of essays will cover 10 pivotal races and the lessons learned and will include workbook-style sections so that young readers can apply Micha’s learnings to their own lives. Topics include things like finding balance, personal style, a sense of belonging, imposter syndrome, finding your spotlight, and more. 

Readers and running fans should be sure to follow both @MichaJadaPowell and @StrongGirlPublishing on Instagram and TikTok as they document the writing process and even take some early feedback and share sneak peeks with fans!

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