In Defense of Big Dreams

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the poems from Mackenzie Myatt’s upcoming book, In Defense of Big Dreams. Click here or scroll down to get on the wait list!

Dear Dreamer

Don’t be so hard on yourself
I know you’re doing your best
You don’t need tough love
You need someone who believes in you
I know how much you want this
I know how much you give up
Just to show up
And try
I know you’re tired of being brave
Of doing it ‘for the experience’
Of listening to everyone telling you
To be patient
Your day will come
Fuck that
A fire can only burn so long
On its own
When momentum is a ghost
You have to find another way to move forward
Don’t believe everything
‘Everyone’ is telling you
The only thing that matters
Is what’s best for you
And only you know what that is.



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