What You Need to Know About RED-S

RED-S, or Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, can be sneaky. Even if you’re eating enough total calories during the day, if you’re not eating enough around and during your rides, you can get yourself into trouble.

I wanted to just quickly talk about a few of the sneakier signs and symptoms of RED-S:

  • Feeling tired ALL the time
  • Being irritable for no good reason, constantly
  • Feeling slow in every workout
  • Being sad for no good reason, constantly
  • Getting sick with colds/flus/stomach bugs/ear infections etc. often

These can all be warnings from your body that something isn’t right—and that you need to talk to your parents, coach, doctor or dietitian to figure out how to get back on track!

Check out these articles on nutrition basics for Shred Girls to get an idea of how much you need to eat to crush it on the bike + in life. We want to EAT TO RIDE, not ride to eat. Fuel your body!!!

Listen to this episode of The Consummate Athlete Podcast (hosted by Shred Girls author Molly Hurford) for more on RED-S:

RED-S and Athlete Nutrition with Anne Guzman

Sports nutritionist, former pro cyclist Anne Guzman discusses sports nutrition for athletes and specifically fueling your body to achieve your best Athletic performance without affecting your health due to insufficient energy availability.

Check out the Episode + links, mp3 download, embed

And from a mental health perspective…

Body Image and RED-S with Danelle Kabush

This Consummate Athlete Podcast is with Danelle Kabush PHD—Registered Clinical Counsellor & Mental Performance Consultant. In addition to her Professional and Academic background, she draws from experience as a Professional Off-Road Triathlon athlete and as a parent. and familiar with body image and RED-S (an updated and expanded definition of the ‘female athlete triad) that includes men and meant to cover the possible manifestation that under eating, or lack of sufficient nutrition, can have on the body.

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