Anthology Submissions Open Now: “what I wish I knew”

Strong Girl Publishing is, well, a little different than your average publisher. We’re looking for strong women athletes who want to create content, but we also know just how busy the life of a pro athlete is—especially if you’re working other jobs or are still a student. 

For our first anthology, we’ll be choosing 10 pieces that answer the question of “What do you wish you knew when you first got started in sport?”

We’re looking for women athletes of all ages for this anthology–whether you’re 18 or 80, we want to hear your advice! This can be anything from practical advice like smarter fueling strategies to learning teamwork to mastering your pre-competition nerves. Think back to your younger (early to mid-teen) self: What advice would you give her?

You can choose the format: It can be an essay, short fictional story, poetry, graphic novel, memoir—the sky is the limit! OK, technically, the limit is 10,000 words max. But otherwise, go for it! (And we encourage outside of the box thinking. Of course, an essay format is likely the simplest way to share your advice. But play with it! Heck, maybe this is a screenplay in the making. Get creative!)

The 10 selected authors will receive an honorarium of $200, and will automatically be prioritized for authorship should they want to submit a longer work. 

If you are under 18, please make sure you fill out the section with parent/guardian information, as they’ll need to co-sign a contract if your submission is selected. 


Click here to submit your story!