Lily Malinchak grew up in a bike-crazy family: her dad Ryan is one of the most dedicated cyclocross fans I know, and he’s helped Lily develop a serious love of all type of biking, from cyclocross to playing in indoor bike parks working on jumps to downhill mountain biking. Here, Lily shares a few of her favorite parts of the ride!

When did you get started in cycling? How old were you and what made you like it? 

I was two and a half when I started, and I could go fast. 

What’s your ‘primary’ cycling focus, if you had to pick one: MTB, cyclocross, jumping at the bike park? Why do you like it so much?

I like downhill MTB… because you don’t have to pedal uphill!

Favorite place in the world to ride?

Mountain Creek, NJ

Best advice you’ve gotten?

Lift your butt up off the saddle when going over rough ground! 

Proudest moment?

I got 2nd place in the 9-11 year-old girls race on my 6th birthday in a cyclocross race! 

Favorite part of riding? 

Downhills because I like to go fast 

Least favorite part or riding?

Uphills because they’re tiring

Favorite piece of bike gear?

My bikes because they’re fast and pretty. I ️have all Trek bikes 

Favorite snack during or after a ride?

Sour Patch Kids, Swedish fish, or extra cheddar Goldfish

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How do you handle scary sections of trail when you’re mountain biking?

Just send it!

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